Lac Baleine

A premium carp fishing location

Lac Baleine is an astonishingly beautiful 23 acre lake set on 40 acres of land in the idyllic Champagne region, near Vitry-le-François, just over 3 hours from Calais. Spectacular views and a tranquil atmosphere make this a very special lake indeed.

A mature tree-lined lake, excavated over 25 years ago, Lac Baleine consists of gravel and clay. The lake offers a multitude of interesting features: from two islands with overhanging trees and deep margins to depths ranging between 8 to 12 feet depending on the time of year.

Spacious, well-maintained and perfectly positioned, Lac Baleine consists of 23 swims, a mixture of singles and doubles, with a maximum of 12 anglers. This ensures anglers have the freedom to move around while maintaining the secluded atmosphere that makes this such an impressive lake. All swims are accessible by vehicle. Lac Baleine can be weedy from time to time.

The complex has a range of facilities available:

  • Showers and toilets
  • Fridges and freezers
  • Social area comprising of BBQ and picnic benches with spectacular views of the lake
  • Solar electricity is present on site for charging batteries and phones
  • Weigh station on each swim
  • 10 minutes from a range of supermarkets, restaurants and shops
  • Fenced with a gated entrance
  • Food packages
  • Bait boats to hire
  • Rowing boats to hire

“Was a pleasure to fish such a nice lake with a serious amount of big fish. Can’t wait till the next time.”

– Peter Shaw

“Great lake. Great service and facilitys. Will return to this place.”

– Hakan Olsen
Lac Baleine - Carpe Vivre

Stock at Lac Baleine

The lake stock is estimated at 350+ carp, with 25+ above 22kgs, 10+ above 30kgs and a current lake record well over 34kgs! Mixture of mirror and common carp, with some stunning scaly mirrors.
No poison chat, crayfish or bream.

Fishery Rules

  • Anglers will only be allowed on to the lake after 1pm on the day of arrival. Anglers must be off the lake by 10am on the day of departure.

  • Vehicles are allowed around the lake and can be parked adjacent tot the swim. Please do not use vehicles unnecessarily once you are set up. Anyone found using their vehicle around the fishery after they have set up, will be asked to park in the main car park unless you are moving swims. Anyone found driving off the track will be charged for any damage to our fishery and any vehicles that get stuck will be charged a € 150,- to recover it.
    Alle vehicles on Saussaie must be parked in the car park after unloading.

  • Unhooking mats, weigh slings and nets are provided and a € 50,- deposit is to be paid on arrival. No unhooking mats, weigh slings or nets to be brought onto site.

  • All anglers mus have carp care kits and use these whenever necessary. This will be checked on arrival.

  • NO sacking or retaining of fish.

  • All fish must be lifted from the water using a weigh sling. Never lift a fish in the net. Make sure all fins are flat against the body of the carp before lifting it out of the water and always put the carp back using the weigh sling.

  • All fish 40lb and above must be photographed in the water

  • We monitor the growth and health of the carp. When taking photographs take a photo of both sides of the fish if possible and record the weight.
  • Any fish damage must be reported immediately to the bailiff.

  • A maximum of 3 rods per angler, which must not be left unattended.

  • Rods must be fished within the boundaries. To indicate the boundaries of your fishing area, a lake map has been provided and can be found at the lodge.

  • No braided line, braided leaders and NO lead-core or any leadless leaders (Leadcore without the lead) or any abrasive leaders. Safezone leaders and fluoroleaders are acceptable.

  • Minimum line – 15lb breaking strain – safety rigs only.

  • Micro barbed hooks only no smaller than size 6. Size 4 or 2s are recommendend. No long-curve hooks, long shank nailers or other long bent or set hooks.

  • The use of the Magic Twig is bannend at our venues and anyone found using it will be asked to leave.

  • Fishing is permitted from marked swims only. Bivvies must be erected on the gravel areas only. ‘Buddy’ bivvies between swims are not allowed.

  • All particles baits, seeds and maize etc. must be purchased at the lake. Anyone found bringing these onto site will be told to leave it with the bailiff and collect at the end of their week.

  • All nuts including peanuts are banned.

  • Maggots, worms and snails are banned.

  • NO plastic hook baits are allowed whatsoever.

  • Bait boats are allowed subject to sensible usage.
  • There are 10 boats available, which can be rented. Life jackets are mandatory. alle boats must be returned to the lodge in the same condition as you received it. There are 2 boats available on Saussaie for snagged fish etc.

  • No rowing boats to be brought onto site.

  • No fishing tackle or bait stored in or around the social areas. Any such items found will be removed.

  • Showers and toilets are free for the anglers to use – use them! Please ensure these facilities are left clean after use. Report any damage of faults to the bailiff/owner immediately.

  • No cutting or pruning of any plants, trees of vegetation.

  • Weekly maintenance of grass, trees and swims will be carried out to ensure the good upkeep of the lakes

  • No swimming – No fires – No defecating around the lake. Drunkenness, antisocial, threatening behaviour etc. will not be tolerated

  • Dogs are not permitted

  • All your rubbish must be taken with you when you leave the lake. To ensure this happens we will hold a € 20,- deposit which will be returned on departure, assuming there is no rubbish or human waste left in or near your swim.

  • We want everyone to have a great holiday, please keep in ind that sound over the water carries far.

  • Offenders will be asked to crease fishing and leave the lake without being refunded.
  • By booking you are deemed to have accepted these rules. If in doubt, please ask.

Frequently asked questions

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